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Join us at Synergy Farm for one of our equine, canine or feline massage clinics. Check out our latest schedule and register early! Classes fill quickly!
"I just wanted to thank you for such an informative and educational course. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent learning the art of equine massage, and your presentation was clear and reinforced all the information we received. PS, I have already had 2 requests for massage!"
Some other benefits include:
  • Increase in circulation
  • Removal of metabolic toxins
  • Reduction of muscle tension, cramping & soreness
"I just want to let you know that your workshop was much more than I expected! I liked that it was organized and efficient and that every minute counted. I liked the constant feedback."
We specialize in animal-massage training workshops; we have developed instructional workbooks, DVDs and have produced colorful, fully-laminated equine, canine and feline anatomy charts to help you learn. You can purchase these products through our secure on-line store.
ITT workshop CE's have been accepted by ABMP, IMA, NBCAAM and Holistic Nursing. Check with your governing body.

Welcome to Integrated Touch Therapy!

At ITT, Inc., we provide hands-on animal massage and bodywork workshops that teach you touch modalities, which enhance health & wellness, providing relaxation, stress reduction and/or performance enhancement for dogs, cats and horses. The small student-to-teacher ratio of 8/1 helps each of our students receive individual skills development and the attention they deserve.
As of January 2024, our business office will remain in Circleville, Ohio, but our workshops will now be held at the Annisage Farm, 2080 Tallyho Drive in Aiken, South Carolina.

A quick overview of the Tallyho Farm is available here.

Maria Duthie will conduct all the workshops and classes.

You may contact her via text, email or phone:

440-669-6023◆ mariaduthieflip@icloud.com

You may also visit her website annisage.com.

Patricia Whalen-Shaw, the president and primary instructor for ITT, has been riding and working with animals for over 40 years. She has taught equine, canine and feline massage for over 26 years. She's a licensed massage therapist in Ohio, nationally certified by the NCBTMB, and is sports-massage certified. Patricia has had cats and dogs her whole life. She has hundreds of hours of hands-on training and uses her many training techniques including cranial sacral therapy, equine myofacial therapy techniques, Swedish massage, polarity therapy, Reiki, acupressure, jyn shin jyutsu and lymph-drainage therapy.

ITT was one of the first pet-massage schools established. We have taught thousands of students, from all over the world, the art of animal massage and bodywork. Our dedicated, temperature-controlled classroom is located at the scenic, relaxing atmosphere of Synergy Farm in South Central Ohio.

Explore the massage-therapy techniques for animals in our intensive pet-massage workshops. These techniques also enhance muscle function and efficiency, reduce recovery time from injury or soreness after competition, and strengthen the human-animal bond. You will discover how animals can achieve full range of motion through increased flexibility. We welcome your dog, cat or horse to our workshops.

The workshops we offer are for both professionals as well as individuals who simply want to learn this work for the benefit of their own animal family. With a little hard work and the willingness to learn, anyone can become adept at animal-massage techniques. Our students integrate the skills they learned in our workshops into their businesses, such as veterinary clinics, massage practices, grooming businesses, pet sitting, boarding/ training facilities, etc. Our graduates have told us that the integrated touch therapies they learned here are a must for those who volunteer to work on abused or rescued animals and in wellness programs with recovering or senior animals. Working on aging and recuperating cats, dogs and horses is life changing!

For your convenience, we have a library of educational materials that you may check out while you are attending class.

Patricia can travel for workshop training. If you are interested in hosting a canine, equine or feline workshop in your area, please contact our office to get more information.
ITT is located at 7037 Zane Trail Rd., P.O. Box 652, Circleville OH 43113 ♦ 740-474-6436

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